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Reasons Your Insurance Company Should Replace Your Roof

Hurricane Ida devasted SE Louisiana as a Category 4 hurricane.  Homeowner’s most common complaint regarding insurance companies is the refusal to fully pay for a new roof.  Instead, insurance companies are paying for a patch or repair which is often less than the deductible.  However, most homeowners are entitled to a new roof based in the following:

How a Hurricane Can Impact Your Roof

  • A Category 1 or 2 storm tears off some shingles, tiles or portions of flashing, damage the gutters and causes a leaking roof.
  • Category 3 or 4 storms  causes extensive damage to the roof covering, decking and gable ends from both wind and airborne debris.
  • A Category 5 hurricane causes devastating roof damage, where the decking and gable ends are torn off.

Roofing types and their wind ratings

  • Three-tab roofing shingles 60-70 mph
  • Architectural laminate shingles 110-130 mph
  • Presidential/Tri-laminate shingles 130 mph

Most residents in SE Louisiana have three-tab roofing shingles which are commonly known as asphalt or composition shingles. The three-tab roofing shingles were NOT manufactured to withstand the winds of Hurricane Ida. This fact in itself dictates a roof replacement as opposed to a repair.

Loss of Shingles 

If you find shingles around your house,  your roof is extremely vulnerable to environmental conditions and subject to roof leaks.

Loss of Adhesion of Shingles

Roof shingles are sealed with an adhesive to form a strong bond to protect interior from rain and environment. Hurricane winds compromise or destroy the adhesion sealing the shingles. As a result, a roof has “unsealed” seal tabs or shingles which facilitates water infiltration.  Unsealed seal tabs may be visually observed by the uneven pattern of shingles.

Edge of Roof Curling from Peeling Shingles

The occurs when the edges of roof have curling shingles where wind peeled the shingles. Peeling shingles keep are unable to repel water.