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Business Litigation Legal in Metairie, Louisiana

Litigation always has the potential to be devastating to a business. Business litigation is time-consuming, costly, and disrupts operations within a company. It also places a strain on the resources and finances of a business. Sometimes though, business litigation is necessary and there is no alternative. When that is the case, the help of an experienced Metairie business litigation attorney is an important asset. Below are a few of the most common business litigation matters our knowledgeable attorneys handle.

Breach of Contract

Breach of contract claims arise when one party refuses to, or is unable to, perform their duties under the terms of a contract. Breach of contract disputes are one of the most common types of litigation and our attorneys take strong actions so these disputes are resolved quickly and cost-effectively for your business.

Fraud and Other Wrongful Conduct

It is not uncommon in business for someone to take dishonest actions or make false statements. These actions are typically taken so another party can profit from a company and they are very harmful for businesses.

Shareholder Disputes

Shareholder disputes can take many forms. Minority shareholders may want access to important corporation information, or majority shareholders may vote to dissolve a company. Derivative lawsuits are also a type of shareholder dispute in which shareholders act on behalf of the corporation.

Partnership Disputes

Any time there is a relationship between two or more parties, there is potential for a legal dispute to arise. Partnership disputes can be extremely destructive to a business, so it is critical that these disputes are handled quickly and effectively.

Disputes Involving the Sale of a Business

When a business is sold or purchased, the transaction does not always go smoothly. When that is the case, the case sometimes has to go to court, but a business litigation lawyer can often get the transaction back on track without the need to enter litigation.

Unfair Competition

Healthy competition is good for the marketplace, but sometimes people use deceitful marketing or they misappropriate trade secrets in order to gain an advantage over a certain business. Unfair competition disputes also arise when a former employee or other party violates a non-compete agreement.

Securities Litigation

Securities litigation often involves investment fraud and class action lawsuits are not uncommon when a securities dispute arises. Securities litigation is extremely complex and it is essential that businesses work with a business lawyer.


Like other types of lawsuits, it is possible to file an appeal when one party does not obtain a favorable ruling during trial. A business lawyer can help anyone filing an appeal navigate the process and give them the best chance of success.

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Business disputes are complicated and are very destructive to a business. If a dispute has arisen in your business, our Metairie business litigation lawyers at Nicaud & Sunseri Law Firm are here to help. We are experienced litigators that know how to minimize the impact to your business and will give you the best chance of a positive outcome.


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