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Child Custody Legal in Metairie, Louisiana

Child custody issues are a focal point whenever the parents do not live under the same roof, since the law imposes a duty upon both when it comes to raising and supporting the child’s well-being. Though parents generally agree that they want what is best for their children, they can encounter problems when they disagree about the specifics. When you consider the complicated statutes and the emotions that enter the picture, you can see how custody disputes can escalate into heated battles.

Your rights as a parent are at stake when child custody questions arise, so protect them by working with experienced legal counsel in connection with legal proceedings. You can count on our attorneys at The Law Firm to advise you on key issues, especially where custody impacts visitation and child support. Please contact our office today to set up a consultation with a Metairie child custody lawyer who can provide details, but a summary of the legal concepts may be helpful.

Overview of Child Custody Laws

Child custody questions arise in any divorce case, but these issues are also a focal point when paternity has been established with respect to unmarried parents. In general, custody involves important decision making on how to raise the child, and the laws favor both parents being involved in a joint custody arrangement. For practical purposes, one party will typically act as a residential parent; the other has visitation rights, as well as the obligation to pay child support in most cases.

The guiding principle for determinations on child custody is the child’s best interests standard, a set of factors set forth by statute. They focus on the health, safety, and welfare of the child, which includes the child maintaining a strong relationship with both parents.

Trust Your Case to an Experienced Metairie Child Custody Attorney

At the outset, you should note that not every child custody matter involves a heated battle. Parents can reach an agreement on custody and visitation, and a court will usually approve the parenting plan if it meets the best interests standard. When agreement is not possible, the court will conduct a hearing on child custody.

At The Law Firm, our child custody lawyers have the skills and experience to protect your parental rights throughout the proceedings. We will tackle such tasks as:

  • Advising you on the relevant child custody laws;
  • Representing you during discussions and negotiations regarding a parenting plan agreement;
  • Assisting with the mediation process, through which you may still be able to compromise through guidance from a trained mediator; and,
  • Fighting for your rights in court if your case goes to a hearing on child custody.

Set Up a Consultation with Our Metairie Child Custody Lawyers

This overview may be useful in outlining the general concepts, but there are many additional details that affect your parental rights in a child custody case. To learn more about how the laws apply to your situation, please contact The Law Firm to schedule a consultation with an experienced Metairie child custody attorney.


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