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Cancellation Of Removal for Non-Permanent Residents

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Cancellation of Removal for Non-Permanent Residents Legal in Metairie, Louisiana

Immigration Attorney Helping People Get a Green Card Through Cancellation of Removal

At Nicaud & Sunseri Law Firm, our Metairie immigration lawyers have the knowledge and experience to help clients present the best case for the cancellation of removal for a non-permanent resident. With extensive experience in deportation defense, we know that these cases are highly time-sensitive. If you have any questions about cancellation of removal for non-permanent residents, our team is ready to get started. For your strictly private case evaluation, please call our immigration attorneys today.

What to Know About Cancellation of Removal for Non-Permanent Residents

Under the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) § 240A(b)(1), cancellation of removal is a defense against deportation. If you or your loved one is an undocumented person who has been living in the United States for a significant amount of time and is now facing deportation from the country, cancellation of removal may be the best available option. Often referred to as a ‘Non-LPR Cancellation of Removal’, this deportation defense is available to undocumented immigrants who can meet the following requirements:

  1. Long-Term Residency: You must prove that you have been living within the United States of America for at least a decade.
  2. Qualifying Relationships: You must have a qualifying relative who is a citizen or lawful permanent resident.
  3. Extreme Hardship: You must provide evidence that your relative would suffer an “exceptional and extremely unusual hardship” if removal is pursued.

Cancellation of removal for non green card holders is not guaranteed under the law. Even if you are able to satisfy the requirements, an immigration judge still retains considerable discretion. As such, it is crucial that you and your family are able to present the strongest possible case that cancellation of removal is justified and appropriate.

How an Immigration Lawyer Can Help

Facing deportation from the United States is extremely stressful. At Nicaud & Sunseri Law Firm, we will help you explore every possible option to stop deportation, including cancellation of removal. When you get in touch with us, you will consult with a Metairie immigration attorney who can:

  • Hear your story and answer any questions you have about cancellation;
  • Gather all of the supporting evidence you need to bring a claim; and
  • Take immediate action to protect your rights and get you results.

Deportation proceedings are fact-specific. To bring a successful petition for the cancellation of removal for a non-permanent resident, it is imperative that you present a strong case. Our Metairie immigration lawyers will put in the time and resources to make sure things are done the right way.

Contact Our Metairie Cancellation of Removal Immigration Attorneys Today

At Nicaud & Sunseri Law Firm, our Metairie immigration attorneys possess the skills and tenacity to handle the full range of deportation issues, including cancellation of removal for those who lack a green card. If you need help with a non-LPR cancellation of removal, we are here for you. Contact us now for your completely confidential initial consultation.


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