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Divorce Legal in Metairie, Louisiana

No matter how long you have been married, the divorce process is never easy. There are the emotional implications of realizing that your relationship has come to an end, but there are also many financial and legal issues parties must address through the proceedings. Most couples will need to tackle division of property and alimony, but parents of minor children must also deal with custody, visitation, and support matters.

If you are considering filing or received divorce paperwork, it is crucial to retain experienced legal counsel right away. You put your future and rights as a parent at risk by attempting to resolve divorce issues on your own, but you can trust our team at Nicaud & Sunseri Law Firm to protect your interests. Please contact our office to schedule a consultation with a Metairie divorce attorney, and read on for an overview about the process.

Key Issues in Divorces

While every case is different, there are generally three topics couples must address when dissolving their marriage:

  • Property Division: Assets will be divided pursuant to the relevant laws. Because property division can be so complex, it is important to contact an attorney for help in this process.
  • Spousal Support: Known by the familiar term alimony, a court may order a higher-earning spouse to pay spousal support to the other party. There are multiple types of alimony, and a judge may require payments during divorce as well as after the process concludes.
  • Minor Children: The law generally favors both parents maintaining strong bonds with children after divorce, so a court will usually grant joint custody in the absence of misconduct. Each parent has the right to participate in important decision making, though one will act as a residential parent; the other has visitation rights and will be required to pay child support according to state guidelines.

How a Divorce Lawyer Protects Your Interests

Any of the key issues involved in divorce can be resolved by the parties’ agreement, though the judge will review custody and visitation to ensure it meets the child’s best interests. In some cases, you may get closer to compromise by participating in mediation. If you cannot reach an agreement on some or all issues, the court will decide after conducting a hearing on disputed issues. Our divorce lawyers at Nicaud & Sunseri Law Firm will provide the essential legal support you need throughout the process.

Contact a Divorce Attorney to Discuss Your Options

While this summary of divorce laws may be helpful, it is a mistake to represent yourself in connection with the process. Our team at Nicaud & Sunseri Law Firm will be at your side, whether we are protecting your interests during settlement negotiations or advocating on your behalf in court. To learn more about our legal services, please contact our office today to set up a consultation with a skilled Metairie divorce lawyer.


Going through a very NASTY divorce Michelle Sunseri and her staff were super caring, helpful, sincere, trustworthy,and honest. They really went the extra mile. I highly recommend.

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