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Hurricane Ida – Document, Document and Document

A homeowners sustaining hurricane damage should take their cell phone and film all the interior and exterior damage. This includes filming damage to the structure as well contents especially in inconspicuous places. This would assist the homeowner in processing its insurance claim from Hurricane Ida.

Also, if you were home when the hurricane damage occurred, it would be a good idea to write a chronological diary/narrative of approximate time and nature of damage occurring. Insurance adjusters often try to mitigate damages by alleging damages were pre-existing or due to normal wear and tear occurring prior to  the hurricane. A diary/narrative will assist the homeowner to recall the necessary information during the subsequent insurance claim process. Further, this will assist the insurance company in obtaining the necessary information to recover their full extent of insurance payments from their flood or homeowners policy. It is very difficult to attempt to re-construct an insurance claim later in the claims process and/or in court if homeowner did not properly documented the insurance claim from the outset

Our firm has prosecuted over 2000 wind and flood claims since Hurricane Katrina.  You can call us, at no obligation, if you have any questions about any aspect of your hurricane claim.